Copper Nugget

  1. Scope

    This specification covers copper nugget for fabrication purposes.

  2. Standard

    The requirement of copper nugget shall be in accordance with this standard specification.

  3. Technical Data

    For the convenience, the requirements of copper nugget follow :

    Copper purity % > 99,90
    Nett weight of one bag Kg 1,000
    Tolerance in weight of one bag % ± 0.1
    Total bag per container Pcs 20
  4. Inspection

    The inspection of copper nugget shall be made on the following items :

    • Weight.
    • Appearance, free from foreign material.
    • Packaging, cleaned and good condition.
  5. Others Condition
    • Scrap position in the container :


  1. Copper Scrap Marking/ Labelling

    Marking of copper scrap each bag identified with the following : Product Name, Production date, Lot No., Gross weight, Tare &
    Net Weight.

Copper Nugget/ Clove/ Granules