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Company Outlook

Since we have been incorporated in the year of 1977 in the suburban area of Jakarta, our motto is TMS means Quality and our goal is Customer Satisfaction. We have been trying to produce quality copper rod and wire, and to deliver them punctually to all over Indonesia as well as overseas markets through ISO 9001 2000 version activity. We are always careful about our customers requirement. We are proud that such routine efforts would help us to overcome the tough circumstances during the economic crisis in the years of 1997 1998. Thanks to Furukawas technical collaboration, we will develop newly required products, such as fine drawn wire, tinned fine bunched wire, etc. and will enhance the quality of our products and service.

Our Motto : TMS means quality

Corporate Culture & Value : Open,Fair,Clean,Honest,and Aggressive.

Mission : To contribute for Indonesia development by producing
high quality products and valuable Human
resources who can compete in global market

Vision :

  • To be a reliable good supplier to our customers.
  • To become No. 1, in Asia in each business fields.
  • To be a good work place for our employees.


1977 Incorporated as the first continuous cast copper rod supplier in the country.
1979 Commenced the commercial operation of the copper wire rod by using SCR system
1990 Listed its shares at the Jakarta Stock Exchange as well as the Surabaya Stock Exchange
1993 Commenced the Electronic Wire Assembling business.
1995 Quality Management Certificate according to ISO-9001
1996 Produce copper drawn wire
2001 Added the Aluminium Rod business
2002 Flood (January 2002)
2003 New SCR System completed and started operation Quality Management Certificate according to ISO 9001 - Version 2000
2004 Relocation of Drawing Plant countermeasure against flood, New Properzi Line ( # 2nd ) completed and started production
2006 Introduction of New Waste Emulsion Treatment System for Environmental Control.
2007 Upgrade & Improvement Process in SCR Casting Machines
2008 Sold out Fixed Asset of Electronic Div and Closed the Business.
2009 Produce Drawn wire.
2010 Installed New and Upgrade Heavy Duty Copper Drawing machines; 2 Units.
2011 Access Road to connect and accelerate between Copper and Aluminum Plants.
2012 Develop Copper Drawing business by installing ; Multi Drawing, Fine Drawing and Bunching machines.
2012 Install Aluminum Rod Production line,no.3 (P.3) with the capacity;1,500 T/M