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Friday, 31/03/2017

Laporan Posisi Keuangan 2016

Berikut laporan posisi keuangan, laporan laba rugi dan laporan arus kas PT Tembaga Mulia Semanan, Tbk 2016.

Laporan Keuangan 2016

Friday, 03/06/2016

Ringkasan Risalah RUPS 2016

RUPS 2016

Tuesday, 10/05/2016

Panggilan RUPS 2016

Iklan Panggilan RUPS 2016 di koran Bisnis Indonesia:

Tuesday, 26/04/2016

Pengumuman RUPS 2015

Berikut pengumuman RUPS 2015

Wednesday, 10/06/2015

Latest News

Company Latest News :

Friday, 19/08/2011

Future Major Planning

  • To Increase Market Share in Domestic and Develop Overseas Market as contribution to Government policy in export target.
  • To promote aluminum Wire for Automotive Business in Overseas and Penetrate in Domestic Market
  • Continuous Improvement  in Products Quality & Production Process.
  • Introduce Management Development Program (MDP), Up date IT system.
  • Increase the capacity of SCR Copper Rod machine from 8,000 to 9,000 ton / month.
  • Re-efficiency on all aspect in Management, Manufacturing and Organization.
  • Improve cash flow by minimize  tax refund  and improve cash management.
Saturday, 18/12/2010

Welcome to our New Website

Since the quality requirement of Copper Rod has been becoming tough and tough day by day, we are endeavoring to enhance the draw ability, surface smoothness, good shape of packing, and etc. On top Of this, we have expanded production capacity from 60,000 tons per year at the beginning stage to 80,000 tons per year to keep our promises in the markets.
We will maintain such policy to lead the copper rod and wire markets in the region, then our capacity becomes further more than 100,000 tons per year.

Since we started Copper Drawn Wire business In the year of 1995, the demand of copper wire is gradually and steadily increased particular-ly in the field of intermediate wire and fine wire

We are continuing to expand our production capacity and products line up to meet the requirements of our customers. We have two(2) units of heavy duty machine, many units of fine drawing machines and bunched machine.